New York City Weather for August 28, 2023

Good morning, New York. This is your host, and you're listening to The Weather in New York City.

Today's forecast

It's a brisk Monday morning in the city, with temperatures in the low 60s. The sky is overcast, and there's a 30% chance of rain later this afternoon. The wind is blowing from the west at 10 miles per hour, so it's a bit breezy.


The rain will taper off tonight, and the skies will clear. The temperature will drop to the mid-50s, and the humidity will be high. The wind will die down to 5 miles per hour.


The sun will come out tomorrow, with temperatures in the mid-70s. The humidity will be low, so it should be a pleasant day for being outdoors. The wind will be light and variable.


There are no weather-related hazards to be aware of today.

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